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How can I get involved with Engineering?

The engineering profession sees value in developing the potential in people. We are committed to working with you to get you interested, engaged, and prepared for a career in engineering.  No matter where you are in Canada, there is a provincial or territorial engineering regulator responsible for licensing and representing the profession. The regulators offer programs and initiatives to connect you with the world of engineering. Some of the ways they aim to engage you include:

Career Support - Your school can receive assistance through classroom presentations, materials and attendance at career days, and other outreach events.

Competitions - Whether it’s organizing, judging, or simply providing expertise, the profession’s support will make many student competitions a success.

Scholarship Opportunities – Further education is expensive.  There are many scholarships you can apply for to help fund your engineering education.

Assistance for Educators – The profession acknowledges the hard work and support that teachers contribute by providing them with resources and recognition.

Student Membership – Most provinces offer student membership at the university level including access to exclusive events, networking opportunities, professional magazines or newsletters, and much more.  You will have a closer connection to the profession and start learning about the licensing process.

Mentorship Programs - You will find engineers being mentors to young students and professionals. Having a mentor can be very helpful when making both academic and professional decisions as you benefit from their existing experience.

National Engineering Month – This is the biggest national celebration of engineering excellence, where volunteers in each province and territory host over 500 events during March that show Canadians how rewarding this career choice can be.

To find out more about what is available in your province, visit your engineering regulator’s website:

To find out more about National Engineering Month, visit our website: