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What is the Career Action Program?

The Career Action Program is an information hub for students looking to learn more about the engineering profession. It will help you find out which engineering program is right for you, and help you find exactly where you can apply to study it!


What resources are offered through the Career Action Program?

Initial program offerings include what it means to be an engineer, a complete overview of the fields of engineering, a list of accredited institutions, and a detailed guide to licensure.

Watch for the latest information and new career planning tools from Engineers Canada!


What does the CareerFocus Assessment do?

The assessment is a series of questions designed to test your aptitude for the engineering field. This tool is more than an average personality assessment – it measures behavioral traits to help determine what you like to do, and how you do it. Once the results have been analyzed, a customized report will be generated showing your suitability to the engineering profession. 


How long will the assessment take?

You should allow 45-60 minutes to complete the assessment. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it all at once – you can save your progress and come back any time!


What if I’m not well-suited to engineering?

If the assessment results show you aren’t inclined toward engineering, it will still provide a list of your strengths and weaknesses as well as indicate other suitable professions. 


Does it show me specific careers and professions?

The assessment tool gives general fields you should look into pursuing as well as specific professions within those fields.


What is the benefit of the consultation?

The consultation provides an opportunity to analyze your assessment results in depth and make the most of your report by highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement. Experienced and certified CareerFocus counsellors will also work with you to plan courses, choose potential schools or programs and help map out your future in the engineering field.


If I have a question about the CareerFocus assessment, who do I contact?

Please contact:

Julia Semenchenko
Practice Lead, Community Engagement
613-232-2474 ext.288

How do I make an appointment for a consultation?

Purchasing the CareerFocus assessment also includes the customized report and the one-to-one consultation with an experienced and certified CareerFocus counsellor.  Once you have completed your profile and the assessment, a counsellor will contact you, usually by email, to arrange a time to speak with you.


Will my assessment results be shared with anyone else?

No, they will not be shared.   If you want to share your report with others, that is your decision.  However, if you choose to have the consultation, you would release your report to the consultant.